Resolve by Herman Miller

Resolve puts people into soothing environments that mimic the natural world, starting with the 120-degree angle, the most common in nature (think honeycombs) and screens and canopies, which provide a sense of enclosure. Resolve supports a wide variety of environments, from traditional workspaces to innovative applications. Where people express their personality, pursue new ideas, and communicate. Blending function with refined design, Resolve invites you to feel valued and connected.Resolve isn't an evolution of the panel system—there are no panels. The elegantly simple structure is based on poles with screens and canopies attached, an inventive approach that allows greater diversity of workstation patterns and more cost-effective use of real estate. There's also more openness and flexibility for collaborative environments. The Resolve design is based on the size, reach, and movements of people. And Resolve creates friendly work spaces; its shapes and openness encourage people to connect, interact, and collaborate. Fast installation. The simple, lightweight infrastructure and concise vocabulary make installation quick and efficient; cables are all laid in. Easy reconfiguration. Resolve is agile, designed for speedy changes that control churn costs and don't disrupt workers. Efficient asset management. Compared to traditional systems, Resolve has about one-quarter the components and takes up one-third the space when knocked down in storage. Optimum floor plan. The 120-degree geometry can create higher workstation densities while maintaining openness and comfort, saving on real estate costs. Highly recyclable. Workstations are 59% recyclable and contain 27% recycled materials. Every part is easily disassembled for recycling.


Canvas by Herman Miller

The Canvas systems are highly configurable with the capability of freestanding and cubicle-based needs.  Another distinct element that lends to the elegance of these systems is the glass accent tiling which can be configured to line to top of cubicle walls.  The environment is another concern that has always been at the heart of Herman Miller designs, and that concern was not lost on the Canvas system. These Herman Miller Canvas cubicle sets are the perfect example of versatility meeting affordability.

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Premise by Haworth

Responsive design. The responsiveness of PREMISE's design allows for a high-degree of flexibility in reconfiguring workspace needs as demands change. The same components that comprise a traditional workstation can be used to create floor-to-ceiling configurations. Light-scale elements, such as glass,provide visual intrigue and allow increased access to daylight and views in the workspace, while lower return panels encourage collaboration within a work group.

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