AOS has moved, packing up our wares to a new, more central, location to serve your needs so check in for any deals we might be having in order to lighten our loads as we settle down. Thank you!

Looking to purchase used office furniture?
This is the spot. We have wholesale office furniture categorized and significantly reduced from it's original price. Feel free to browse from our large, constantly changing inventory and contact us if you have any questions or purchases you'd like to make.

Selling your furniture?
Contact Alternative Office Source for evaluation of your stock. We will inventory your furniture and bid on a timely basis. If we can't use it, we'll probably know someone who can.

Herman Miller Resolve?
We specialize in used Herman Miller Resolve workstations as well as it's compatible accessories necessary to enhance or customize Resolve workstations. Our warehouse typically contains over 500 stations of Resolve and we can provide you with a custom layout for your space and a quote if you contact us today. Please look us up at

Interested in vintage and designer furniture?
For vintage and collectable furniture check out our sister site